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Welcome to PS2 Alerts 2.2!

Realtime Update is coming!

Yes folks, PS2Alerts will shortly be fully in Real time! This has been in development for some time, hence why the site hasn't been updated for quite a while. I'm sorry for this, but priorities and all that! I plan on having the below features, mainly on the Alert Detail pages.

The site will have Real time information on the following metrics:

From when the update happens, all alerts from then on will have a FULL history of all statistics. I will make sure that such alerts are displayed differently on the site. I also plan to update the design of the Alert pages, as I feel its rather... naff.

Please be patient with this upcoming update, (think of it as like a patch with SOE) as I need to make sure it's rock solid before it is used for the site.

- Maelstrome26 (PS2Alerts Developer)

If you have issues with the site, please contact me either by Twitter or by Email. Disclaimer: Note that this site is NOT affiliated with SOE or the Planetside 2 team.

Updated: 26/06/14

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True Faction Scoring

Currently, there is no reliable way to track population information on a per-continent basis. The method we use to calculate the world population is basically going through all outfits to see how many of their members are online, which has been proven to be most reliable. However, this doesn't work for when we want to try to predict continent populations.

There has however been some promise using Websockets to track kill data, which contains which continent the death / kill was located. Using this data, and formatting it properly where kills aren't double counted (basically fitering it by userID) we should be able to calculate how many active players are on a continent at any given period.

Until the particulars are figured out for this, the TFS Scoring system will only display Global Alerts only, as I feel that the scoring system should be as accurate as it possibly can.

True Faction Scoring is an indication of how well an empire does in alerts with their populations. The scoring is designed so that empires with vast amounts of population % in an alert get lower scores than those with less population.

Update: 27/05/14:
There is now an addition of a population imbalance multiplier (aka Bonus), which further punishes or benefits factions with uneven populations. This uses a difference of Average Population % from 33% (even populations).

The populations is divided by 33 to produce either a positive (underpopped) or negative (overpopped) number. The modifier uses the following formula:

33 / Average Pop %

The population average is sampled from the beginning, halfway and the end of the alert.

XP Gained from Victory / Average Population % * Population Multiplier = Score

Example Result (Global Alert - 10000 XP total, populations grossly imbalanced):

Empire XP Won Avg Pop Bonus Score
VS 5555 40% 0.83x 115
NC 2222 36% 0.92x 57
TR 2222 24% 1.38x 128


VS: 5555 / 40 * 0.83 (Multiplier: 33 / 40) = 115

NC: 2222 / 36 * 0.92 (Multiplier: 33 / 36) = 57

TR: 2222 / 24 * 1.38 (Multiplier: 33 / 24) = 128

Example Result (Global Alert - 10000 XP total, populations slightly imbalanced):

Empire XP Won Avg Pop Bonus Score
VS 4444 35% 0.94x 120
NC 3333 33% 1.00x 101
TR 2222 32% 1.03x 72


VS: 4444 / 35 * 0.94 (Multiplier: 33 / 36) = 120

NC: 3333 / 33 * 1.00 (Multiplier: 33 / 32) = 101

TR: 2222 / 32 * 1.03 (Multiplier: 33 / 31) = 72

Briggs 9168277
Totals 96196 101501 122972

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12:25 19-09-14

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Server: Miller
Continent: Indar
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