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The aim of this project is collect statistical and analyitical data for Alerts within Planetside 2.

Social Integration Update (10/03/14)

Hey folks! The site now has a Facebook page, which will be used to better help connect with you guys better. Currently announcements on Twitter get buried by the tons of tweets the site sends, so Facebook will be better.

I've also added the social integration you see on the left and follow buttons on the top right. You can use the buttons on the left to share alerts easily to your wall or page! (Useful for bragging rights, outfits!)

I understand that this might be a rather trivial feature, my development time has been a little limited as of late. More features will be coming soon!

True Faction Scoring Update: (09/02/14)

The site now generates a score per alert based on how well an empire performed with their population. You can see the results below!

The Alert Detail pages have been updated showing you how the TFS score was calculated per alert. Also done some layout changes. Any feedback you have on these would be appricated! (10/03/14)

March will be the beginning of the Alert Domination Series, which is a challenge for all empires game-wide to get the highest score by winning tactically, not winning by zerging. More information will be released in the next coming weeks.

Click here for more information!

Disclaimer: There may be bugs present in this site, as this is NOT a final build! If you have issues with the site, please contact me either by Twitter or by Email. Please also note that this site is NOT affiliated with SOE or the Planetside 2 team.

Updated: 15/02/14

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True Faction Scoring

True Faction Scoring is an indication of how well an empire does in alerts with their populations. The scoring is designed so that empires with vast amounts of population % in an alert get lower scores than those with less population.

The population average is sampled from the beginning, halfway and the end of the alert.

EXP Gained from Victory / Average Population % = Score

Example Result (Global Alert - 10000 XP total):

VS = 5 Facilities (40% pop average)
NC = 2 Facilities (36% pop average)
TR = 2 Facilities (24% pop average)
  • VS = 5555 / 40 = 139
  • NC = 2222 / 36 = 62
  • TR = 2222 / 24 = 93

However, say the populations were fairly even, with the same results. The empires will be awarded properly for their tactical gameplay rather than pure zerging. The facilities gained mean more in this scenario rather than the populations.

  • VS = 5555 / 35 = 159
  • NC = 2222 / 33 = 67
  • TR = 2222 / 32 = 69

How are these scores calculated?
Briggs 22033 46439 51779
Ceres 38446 62074 40068
Cobalt 39411 52429 41243
Connery 52741 34576 30033
Mattherson 58350 36428 43025
Miller 41784 35073 60470
Waterson 39879 47362 48170
Woodman 50919 43265 38315
Totals 343563 357646 353103

Continents & Types

Faction & Types

Recent Alerts

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19:59 23-04-14

Server: Ceres
Continent: Cross
Type: Amp
Victor: New Conglomerate

19:51 23-04-14

Server: Waterson
Continent: Indar
Type: Amp
Victor: Terran Republic

19:42 23-04-14

Server: Cobalt
Continent: Cross
Type: Amp
Victor: Vanu Sovereignty

19:34 23-04-14

Server: Mattherson
Continent: Indar
Type: Tech
Victor: Draw

18:41 23-04-14

Server: Connery
Continent: Amerish
Type: Amp
Victor: Draw

18:16 23-04-14

Server: Briggs
Continent: Esamir
Type: Amp
Victor: New Conglomerate

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