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PS2Alerts is going offline for a short while, but will be back!

PS2Alerts will be coming down for a short period of around a few weeks. Why might you ask? Well the answer is simple. The code on the current version of this website (the stuff that gets all of the alert data) is extremely out of date, and is very hard to maintain when the game changes.

Therefore, to prevent further contamination of the statistics, I have decided to have the site cease collecting the stats for now. I have a HUGE update coming that I'm hoping everyone will enjoy, and a few of you (those who follow Server Smash may have already seen bits of it) where all the statistics will be fully in real time, and provide a much vaster wealth of information than the site does currently.

The site in the upcoming update will have Real time information on the following metrics:

From when the update happens, all alerts from then on will have a FULL history of all statistics. I will make sure that the old alerts are displayed differently on the site.

Please be patient with this upcoming update, (think of it as like a patch with SOE) as I need to make sure it's rock solid before it is used for the site, as with any real time application, stuff can go horribly wrong.

- Maelstrome26 (PS2Alerts Developer)

If you have issues with the site, please contact me either by Twitter or by Email. Disclaimer: Note that this site is NOT affiliated with SOE or the Planetside 2 team.

Updated: 01/10/14

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Alert Details

Continent: Victor:
Vanu Sovereignty
Server: Domination?
Miller No
Started: Ended:
26 Jan 2014 21:49:08 26 Jan 2014 23:49:09

True Faction Scores

How was this calculated?
Empire XP Won Avg Pop Bonus Score
VS 8888 41.75% 0.79x 168
NC 1111 28.39% 1.162x 45
TR 0 29.86% 1.105x 0

Facility Captures

No facilities were contested!


World Populations

Data provided by Borderline Tactical

Facility History










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